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If you are only interested in the easy piano songs and the online piano course; Piano For All simply Click Here for the course. Otherwise, please feel welcome to follow my progress.

As the years have gone by, I have been more and more interested in learning how to play piano chords and play popular songs. I took piano lessons when I was a boy, but even after 2 years of lessons with the elderly piano teacher in my neighborhood, I really didn’t catch on to piano playing. It was just plain boring and did not hold my interest. She was a sweet person, but perhaps better at playing than teaching.

Easy Piano SongsI pretty much gave up on the process and went on to other interests that a young boy does. In school, I took band class and played several other instruments, (not very well I am afraid).

I took up the guitar when I was a teenager and actually got pretty good at it. I found that learning popular songs was much more interesting to me. Still always in the back of my mind was the desire to become good at playing piano and being able to play anything I wanted to.

Not learning to play the piano has been one of the regrets that has followed me all of my life.  So I decided to do something about it.  This website is a document of my journey. I have decided to take online piano lessons through  a course I found called Piano For All.

Please join me on my adventure and my second chance, as I learn to play the piano and have fun on the way.

More to come…


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Piano Lessons Online: Come see the Welcome Page

Piano For All Welcome

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Hi again,

So it has been a week and I want to take some time and show where I‘m at in the Piano For All course and my piano lessons online in general.  After signing up for the course, I followed the download link, (sent to my email) to the “Welcome” page of Piano For All.

As you can see there is a “Download” menu, a “Using The Books” Menu, various help menus and instructions for Windows 8 and for IPAD/MAC users. Note Android is also included and the piano lessons online works on all Android devices as well.  The course has 9 interactive eBooks (PDFS) and a bonus eBook as well.

By interactive, I mean inside of each of the eBooks, there are icons to activate the sound or the video or both for whatever it is that the course is teaching at that time.  I know that seems a bit confusing, but let me show an example. Hope I don’t get in trouble for showing this, but hey you should see how great this is. I mean I liked it; really a cool idea.

Piano For All Book 1

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So, take a look where I circled the icons, if you just click on the Speaker icon, the online Piano plays the piano lesson you are learning. How cool is that? No having to go back and forth to a sound file and the correct player for it. The same thing happens for videos teaching piano as well. I mean it’s embedded right in the eBook, of the Piano For All course.

The Process of taking these piano lessons online is to follow the outline that is laid out in the first book. At the beginning we see a pyramid type structure of how the course is laid out, from learning piano chords and piano rhythms.  The next level consists of combining rhythms and chords to play ballads, jazz and blues. Moving on up to more advanced stages of classical pieces and actually getting heavy into learning sheet music for piano.

Piano For All Book 1 Pyramid

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I am about three quarters through the first book and one thing I noticed is that the piano teacher has been introducing various small doses of learning to read sheet music, all along the way. It’s kind of funny, because I didn’t even notice anything until I stopped and slept on it and saw myself thinking about how the notes of the piano lesson would appear on the sheet music.

To see the course please go to: www.teachyourselfpiano.net/pianoforallPiano For All - Piano Lessons Online




Well that’s it for now…

PS… One of my favorite pianists.

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Continuing Through The Online Piano Lessons and Enjoying The Process

Hi, back again.  Well I just finished Books two and three. The second book had some of my favorite music in it. This book went on to teach me some really cool rhythms. The piano lesson I started with in this book was the basic triad blues. It’s a really cool sound; a combination of three chords over 12 bars.

The second book then went on to cover one of my all-time favorites when played on the piano; the boogie. It’s called a straight 8 boogie rhythm. I was surprised at how easy it was to pick up and how great I sounded. I mean, I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks with these online piano lessons.

Online Piano Lessons

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Just look at some of the great songs I can now play fairly well. With practice, I think I could pull off playing a few of these in public.  This is really something, it’s like piano for dummies. The piano instructor is very relaxed sounding and that has really put me at ease while going through this course.

Piano For All  has been a really easy way to take online piano lessons, so far. I’m serious, I can’t see anyway to learn how to play piano that could be easier. Take a look at how the course lays out simple images of the keyboard, to get fingering positions correct.

We concluded book two with a famous Blues Brothers rhythm. This is the type of music I wanted to learn to play on the piano. Anyway, book two is much shorter than book one. If I recall, book one had about 93 pages in it, covering the basics and actually getting me playing easy piano songs. In book two there’s only 21 pages and I went through it pretty quick. Of course I need to practice, practice, practice. Well it’s pretty fun to play piano anyway, so that’s not too much of an issue.

Online Piano Lessons

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In book three I learned a few more chords and a really cool memory trick for remembering all the major and minor chords. When I read it, I couldn’t believe how simple it was. You really can’t get it wrong with this one little trick. No one ever showed me this before. Not my boyhood piano teacher, not the band class I took in school. This alone was well worth the $39 I paid for Piano For All. I can actually play a few things now, pretty darn well.

There is one thing, I’m struggling a bit with, inversions. Inversions are alternate ways to play piano chords. I tend to be not so graceful with these. There’s the root position for a chord and then there’s the middle inversion and the backwards inversion. I know I’m just supposed to slide my hand down on the chord, but what can I say, I’m all thumbs with this one.  Again, practice, practice, practice, all twenty four basic major and minor chords. This part was a little challenging, but never felt discouraged. It’s all explained very well and he even covers the common mistake I was making. That helped a lot.

Well now it’s on to book four – Advanced Chords and then book 5 – Ballad Style. I’ll be back in a few days to report on my progress…

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On My Way: My Learning How To Play The Piano

How To Plaay The PianoHello Everyone,

It’s now been about three weeks since I started this Piano For All course. I really think I’m getting the hang of this. I just finished books four, five and six. Of course I’m going through the course on how to play the piano rather quickly, so I can document my experience. I mean, I’ll have to spend quality time on each of the books after the first one to make sure I thoroughly get the piano lessons being taught.

So let’s get right into it.  In book four Advanced Chords, we started off with a nifty little formula for kind of bluffing my through several popular chord change ups and combinations. I don’t want to get into explaining the trick, because I suspect that it’s something Rob Hall, (the author of the series) came up with. Don’t want to spoil it for you. With this little trick, I can play several chord progressions, sort of a walking chord sequence. I was surprised at how many musicians and composers build most of their pieces off a combination of these types of progressions.

We went through lots and lots of progression practice. I have some of them stuck in my head. They’re really catchy. I now see why we learned in the previous chapter the need for doing the three inversions:

  • The Root Inversion
  • The Mid Inversion
  • The Backward Inversion

They’re used in this set of piano lessons.

On a side note, I downloaded the course to my Kindle Fire (which is an Android type tablet) without any problem and I’m playing my piano, using the Kindle, setup on the music stand of my piano. It works great. You could also do this with an IPad or any other type of tablet or even notebook computer for that matter.  It’s very convenient and simple. Everything is all right in front of me just as though it were sheet music. Some of the course is sheet music, but I didn’t notice I was reading notes at first. The course in ingenious that way.

Well, on to book five Ballad Style.  This book started out with the six simple steps for the ballad styleTeach Yourself Piano

  • Learn the left hand pattern
  • Put the pattern into chord progressions
  • Learning the 5 note scale for great sounding chords
  • Play with all of it and have fun experimenting and breaking the rules
  • Finally, applying what I’ve learned and using them in melodies (This was exceptionally satisfying)

The remainder of book five dealt with Improvising ballad styles and melodies and applying structured ballad styles and melodies. It was all broken down into three easy steps. Another great inside tip in Piano For All, piano for beginners.

We went on to apply the ballad style to several popular songs and to Christmas songs as well. That was both fun and seasonal; it is November now. We even got into some Blues and a little jazz, although book six handles jazz piano.

So let me tell you a bit about book six. Jazz Piano Made Easy.

Jazz Piano LessonsContinuing my discovery on the quest for how to play the piano, book six first introduced a simple and easy method for playing the blues and using the “C” blues scale and riffs. I imagined myself in a dimly lit club somewhere. It was awesome.

Then the jazz piano lessons started. It was kind of like learning to play the piano by ear, but Piano For All has a definite structure. It just seemed so organic. We played standard jazz and show tunes. I learned easily from the examples.  Of course I need a lot more practice. I stumble to be sure.  We mixed up popular songs and played them in a jazz and in a blues style. When I say we, Rob Hall is just so personable in the videos, I feel I have a friendly relationship with him, like he were my personal piano teacher, teaching me how to play the piano.

This book is just jam packed with stuff… for lack of a better word. It’s nearly one hundred pages and just full of examples and ideas, once the concepts in the beginning are laid down. It’s just full of all different types of jazz and blues. I mean WOW! This is what I signed up for.

Sorry to go on so long in this post, I just wanted to make sure I got it all down and I am just so excited about this bit of the online piano lessons, because it’s some of my personal favorite type of music. I’m looking forward to learning the advanced Blues in Book 7, but I think I better make sure I have this material down first. This is going to require practice and re-reading. What Fun!

To order this online course, or find out more about it;  Click Here!

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